Each canvas in this series combines painted imagery with a brief text. The texts are written in various formats (monologue, questionnaire, free verse, prose, etc.) and are composed to give voice to an imagined individual or individuals.

The series developed intuitively over several years. Looking back on it, a general sense of dislocation seems to dominate. Please note how each thematic scaffold is embraced, not addressed. I’ve made a conscious choice to avoid overt political commentary or any authorial stridency. I wish to stay in the background. The brevity of each text is meant to complement the stasis of painting as an art form. 

Texts are applied with acrylic paint on a section of blank canvas reserved for that purpose. Imagery is generally executed in oil, sometimes over an acrylic underpainting. The words are my own invention. I do not quote anyone, though artists, writers, public figures and literary characters are occasionally referenced in titles.  

The series is ongoing.